“When a crowd moves, it is very similar to the movement of water, which in turn resembles the way trees and plants grow. It is a structure that is shared by all life, even by all material. even lightning with its branches resembles a tree. ”
(Giuseppe Penone / NRC 8-6-16)
You will find this quote in my studio. It describes exactly what I recognize in my drawings and what I made in this installation. I get inspired by nature, find structures there that I use in a drawing. I think I draw something quite unique and then I recognize the drawing in something else. It is proof that I am connected to everything around me, that I am that structure that is shared by all life. That structure is stored in my unconscious brain. And when I work, engrave or draw, that structure comes back to consciousness.
I would love to hear what you think of (half) of my installation in the window of the rembranDt theatre, arnhem. Please let me know in the form below
Thank you!
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